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Tips and Tricks

Demonstration Videos of how to get the best results from the products we stock

Demonstration of installing Model Tech ProTrack Rail Aligners. We stock the full range.

This video demonstrates how to improve the running of a Hornby Pendolino

Using ballast, available from our model shop, a Ballast box, PVA & Methylated spirits. First spread the ballast with the ballast box, Tamp down with either a spoon  or as demonstrated a vibrating tool then remove the excess with a vacuum cleaner. Use a ladies pop sock stretched over the end of the hose to avoid wasting ballast. Repeat as necessary until you are happy. Now soak the ballast with methylated spirits then apply the glue mixture (50-50 PVA to water with a couple of drops of methylated spirits) and allow to dry. Drying time depends on ambiant temperature and humidity.

This video demonstrates how to make a model tree from a twig and Heki soft scatter model railway materials. We will soon be stocking products from Heki. Please check back for updates

This working figure is a Viessmann 1547 Mann Must Times, H0 Which has been repainted to represent a British track worker.

Want to update your older/Railroad Hornbt wagons to add kinematic NEM coupling pockets? This video shows you how.