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Wolverton Centre Sidings

Wolverton Centre Sidings

Wolverton Centre Sidings is Steve’s Dream Project! Having grown up close by to the location when Steve decided to build his dream model railway the location was never in any doubt.

It is a permanent home layout housed in a purpose built building in Steve’s garden. It is 25 feet long by 12 feet wide and is OO in gauge. One side of the layout is scenic and incorporates the centre sidings and the access track which dives under the mainline and allows trains to access Wolverton Carriage and Wagon Works (BREL Wolverton Works~Knorr Bremis Wolverton Works) and storage sidings. On the opposite side is the 12 road fiddle yard which can house a full 11 car Pendolino set.

The layout is DCC controlled via the Z21 app through a Digikiejs DR5000 base station and will eventually be able to run automatically via iTrain.

The era (epoch) is set between 1984 and 2018 which allows a wide range of liveried stock to be run (area correct of course!) From BR Blue, through the sectorisation period and into the privatised era.

 Work started in November 2021 & is still a work in progress.