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Oxford OO Ford Consul Gold

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Oxford OO 1:76.The Ford Consul was manufactured by Ford in Great Britain. Originally launched at the London Motor Show in 1950 it became a favourite four-door family saloon car. It evolved between 1951 and 1962, being the base model not only as a progressively streamlined Consul but also for subsequent Fords, including the Zephyr and Zodiac. It became a four door range in its own right again under the auspices of the Classic, Consul Capri, Consul Corsair and Consul Cortina – all except the Cortina being short-lived. During the period between 1972 and 1975 the Consul re-emerged once more before the name changed again in 1975 when all cars became the Ford Granada.

This Ford Consul MK 1 GT was obviously a popular one at the time, as a similar example starred in the TV series ‘The Sweeney’ between 1975 and 1978 when it made appearances in the first three series with the registration plate – NHK 295M.

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