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Train Tec Sound Recorder/Player

OUR PRICE: £67.50

SR1 Sound Track Sound Recorder. Portable sound recorder which enables you to record your own sound and replay automatically on your layout. Sound Track is an easy to use portable sound recorder which enables you to record your own sounds, bring back and replay automatically on your layout.

It has 4 separate sound tracks, each of which can be replayed either by a controller command, touch of a button, or triggered by a Track Sensor when a Train reaches a particular place. So now you can have your favourite locomotives whistle played at the Whistle sign, or your own station announcement played automatically when the train comes into the station.

Make the sounds your own, Most model sound systems can only playback preset sounds which someone else has recorded, the majority of which can only be controlled by DCC.

Sound Track enables you to record your own sounds and is really easy to use, with just three buttons to select the track, record and playback. It can be battery powered for recording and playing back sounds on location, then brought back to your layout, connected up and your sounds controlled either by switches, sensors or DCC commands. Sound Track can be used on battery, DC or DCC and stores your recordings indefinately until you decide to re-record. It can also play two tracks at once, so for example you could have the continuous background sound of a station, then a platform announcement coming over as your train comes into the station.



  • Records sound tracks using the built-in microphone
  • Replays sound tracks from the built in loudspeaker
  • 4 sound track stores, each can be upto 35 seconds long
  • Lock feature to protect valuable sound tracks
  • Capable of playing up to two sounds at the same time
  • One track can be continuous looped for background sounds
  • 4 screw terminal for connecting switches or Track Sensors
  • Powered by DCC, 9-16V smooth DC or internal 9 volt battery
  • Portable-size
  • A regular 9v alkaline battery is required for portable operation – this is not included

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