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Euroscalemodels originally specialised in HO European Outline models & accessories. Our model shop now also sells OO,  N gauge model railway products.
We will give a brief outline of some of the products we stock. Of course, many HO items are also suitable for use with OO. And many OO railway modelling products are suitable to use with HO gauge model railways.
Busch. A range of scenic & working accessories in N, TT & HO.
Dapol. At present we stock a limited range of N Gauge rolling stock. Other ranges to order.
Deluxe Materials. Specialist scenic materials & adhesives. Suitable for use with all scale and gauges of railway models.
DCC Concepts. For the discerning modeller – a wide variety of products from working locomotive lamps to a DCC equipment. Many DCC Concepts products can be used with all scale and gauges of model railway layout from N gauge right up to O gauge.
Faller. Building & structure kits, mostly in HO & N. Although most of the kits are “European mainland” in design many of them can be used or adapted for use on UK OO model railway layouts. Some of the kits now incorporate laser cut card and/or MDF.
Fleischmann/Roco. Both companies are now part of the same “group” & their ranges are being consolidated. Good quality models, but due to the  discount structure we simply cannot be competitive with these ranges.
Gaugemaster. The familiar brown & orange packages really do not need any introduction. Electrics, scenic items & tools from the GM ranges are stocked, as well as many of the ranges that they distribute to the trade. Available to use on all scales and Gauges of model railroad layouts from a small shelf layout to a fully blown exhibition standard portable model railway.
Kestrel. Kestrel Designs produce a dedicated range of N Gauge plastic model building kits. Available is a selection of town and country buildings, as well as model railway specific items including a Signal Box and Station Buildings.
The non-railway building models include amongst other items a Corner Pub and Semi-Detached Houses, as well as a variety of Modular Building Units.
Lenz. Widely accepted as the founder of DCC command and control as we know it today. The products are excellent if lacking the “bells & whistles” of other manufactures. Decoders are available with railcom and multiple function out puts or less complicated  budget decoders. The Lenz Silver is the decoder of choice for “Belmont Bahn”.
Noch. Good quality ready painted figures, mostly N & HO. The poses are more animated than other ranges (except possibly Preiser) making them excellent for producing cameo scenes). Also, an excellent range of scenic s & accessories.
Oxford Diecast. Mostly OO & N gauge road vehicles although other scales are catered for.  Possibly the best range of diecast products to place on your model railway. An ever changing range & sometimes difficult to keep up with.
Piko. Not to be confused with Peco, or, to be honest the “Piko of the 1970’s”. Excellent quality HO locomotives & rolling stock,  well comparable to other European Brands. Check out their “Smart” DCC model railway command and control system which is excellent value for money when purchased with a starter set.
Preiser. Similar range to Noch. Preiser also produce value pack of unpainted figures.
Tasma.  Tasma have an excellent range of scenic products, notably, ready made horticultural items such as sunflowers, pumpkins & straw/hay bales.
Viessmann. Electrical & electronic products including moving figures (some for “over 18’s only). A good range of relay’s, switches & other useful accessories for all scales & gauges.
As time permits we will be adding some pictures.
Other products can be obtained.